62 Allen St

Vegetarian and Vegan Options/Avoiding Gluten Menu

62 Allen St, Buffalo NY

Vegetarian and Vegan Options:

We can do our best to accommodate vegetarian, vegan and gluten free requests, though we do not use a separate fryer or grill to cook our vegan or gluten free options.  The Black Bean Burger contains Dairy, Soy and Wheat ingredients.  Fried Eggplant is breaded with egg wash. Please inform your server or bartender if you have Celiac’s disease, any food allergies, or any dietary restrictions. 

Tabbouleh VEGAN8.50

Sweet & Sour Beets VEGAN    8.50

Hummus & Focaccia VEGAN    11.25

Stuffed Peppers VEGETARIAN                
cheese    12.50

Smoked Mozzarella Bites VEGETARIAN    14.25

Fried Artichokes VEGETARIAN 12.65 (Vegan without Caper Mayo)

Fried Pickles VEGETARIAN(breaded with egg wash) 12.65

Polenta ‘Wings’ VEGETARIAN       single (10)   12.65
        double (20) 24.00 (Vegan without Blue Cheese)

House Salad: VEGAN 11.25

Caesar Salad: VEGETARIAN 13.25

East Asian Salad: VEGETARIAN 12.00

Salad, Soup, & Bread: VEGETARIAN
    Signature Soup: 17.50

Mediterranean Salad: VEGETARIAN 17.25 (Vegan without Feta Cheese)

Moroccan Falafel Salad: VEGETARIAN 16.25 (Vegan without Yogurt)

59 Grilled Cheese: VEGETARIAN 8.95

Grilled Portobello Sandwich: VEGAN 15.50

59 Parmesan Bomber: VEGETARIAN(breaded with egg wash)
        Fried Eggplant: 15.50

Polenta ‘Finger’ Sub: VEGETARIAN                 16.50 (Vegan without Blue Cheese)

Eggplant & Artichoke Wrap: VEGETARIAN  14.85 (Vegan without Lemon Dill Dressing & Feta)

Caesar Wrap:
     Polenta or Portobelo: 14.85

Bourbon Wrap:
     Polenta or Falafel: 14.85

Polenta ‘Finger’ Wrap:
     Polenta or Falafel: 14.85 (Vegan without Blue Cheese)

East Asian Wrap:
     Polenta or Portobello: 14.85

Black Bean Burger:
VEGETARIAN (Vegan without Pepperjack & Sriracha Aioli) 15.95

Falafel Burger:
VEGETARIAN 16.50 (Vegan without Lemon Dill & Feta, suggest subbing Bourbon Sauce)

Teriyaki Stir Fry: VEGAN 16.50
     Polenta or Portobello: 19.75

Bourbon Bowl:
VEGAN 16.50
     Polenta or Falafel:  19.75 
59 Parmesan Entrée:
VEGETARIAN(breaded with egg wash)
     Eggplant:   19.25

Avoiding Gluten Menu

We can do our best to accommodate diets that are avoiding gluten, though we do no use a separate kitchen for gluten free requests.  We do not carry any gluten free bread. The kitchen (including the fryer) is shared with items that are not gluten free.  Please inform your server or bartender if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions.


Sweet & Sour Beets                     8.50

Hummus & Focaccia                  11.25

  • Excluding the Focaccia

Polenta ‘Wings’

  • **Same fryer as breaded items**

Single                                                12.65

Double                                              24.00


House Salad                                   11.25

  • No Croutons

Caesar Salad                                  13.25

  • No Croutons

East Asian Salad                           12.00

Harvest Salad                                16.25

Mediterranean Salad                  17.25

  • No Tabbouleh
  • No Focaccia Bread

Moroccan Falafel Salad             16.25

  • **Falafel fried in Same Fryer as breaded items**
  • No Tabbouleh

Polenta Finger Salad                   16.25

  • Polenta fried in Same Fryer as breaded items**

Wraps (Served over greens instead of wrap, we do not carry gluten free wraps):

Eggplant & Artichoke               14.85

Spicy Tuna                                     14.85

Basil Pesto Salmon                      17.50

Sandwiches (Served over greens instead of bread, we do not carry gluten free bread):

Grilled Portobello                        15.50

Grilled Chicken & Pesto           16.50

Grilled Chicken & Bacon         16.50

Cafe Reuben                                  15.95

  • Turkey or Corned Beef

Burgers (Served over greens instead of bun, we do not carry gluten free buns.  *Potato wedges are fried in same fryer as breaded items*):

Turkey Burger                               15.95

Falafel Burger                                16.50

Café Burger                                     16.50

Burgundy Burger                         18.25

BBQ Bacon Burger                       19.75


Cafe Fish & Chips                       19.25

  • Broiled (*Potato Wedges fried in same fryer as breaded items*)

Salmon Entrée                               21.00


Potato Wedges                             7.70

  • **Fried in same fryer as breaded items**

Roasted Red Potatoes                7.50

Hummus                                         7.50

Broccoli                                           6.50Coleslaw                                          4.50